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Electron Transport Chain

In the Electron Transport Chain (ETC), NADH and FADH2 will drop off their electrons and H+ ions and the proteins that are embeded in the chain, will oxidize them. Once the NAD+ and FAD+ have dropped off their electrons, they will return to the matrix to take part in more reactions in the Kreb's Cycle. This oxidation and reduction of the electron transporters, will help energize the the electron transport chain and transport the H+ across the membrane and into the intermediate space. Since the intermediate space is in between two membranes, a concentration gradient will form. Hydrogen atoms will than move through and back into the matrix by means of ATP synthsis. In the Electron Transport Chain itself, 34 ATP are made, which is more than any other component of Cellular Respiration.
T.N. Only NADH will enter the ETC at the beginning. FADH2 will enter the ETC in the middle.